Here at NAViGO Extra, we specialise in providing care and support to people with complex needs.

The complexity of people’s needs - including physical or mental ill-health, or a combination of both, often means that they will need very specific care and a detailed understanding of the support they need.

The NAViGO Extra support team are trained in a number of areas, so we have the understanding we need to best support you.

Our support workers are fully trained in medicine administration, so you can rest assured, you’re in qualified hands when it comes to helping you manage your medication. 

If you use a Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy tube or another type of enteral feeding tube (NG, JEJ, PEJ etc.), we’re here for you. All of our support workers are proud to be PEG trained. We recognise that the needs of someone who requires PEG support varies from person-to-person, so we’ll work together to set out a detailed care plan just for you.  

RESPECT Training teaches us how to better understand behaviour. How we can support you and react to your needs by understanding the message behind your behaviour and, how we can avoid, or deescalate potential situations of conflict. 

All of our support workers have received safeguarding training, ensuring the safety of vulnerable adults and children, recognising warning signs and the next steps to take should we be concerned for someone’s safety.